The treatment I have received from Tim has been great, and I would definitely recommend him to others.  As an international runner I particularly value that Tim is himself an athlete and understands the importance of getting me back training and competing as quickly as possible.  I have been able to arrange appointments at convenient times, sometimes even at short notice, and Tim has liaised with other medical staff when I have been at events to ensure my treatment has been consistent.  With the right combination of hands on treatment, and personalised home exercise programs I have been able to recover quickly from injuries, and have hopefully prevented some future problems so I can continue to compete at a high level.  Freya Ross (nee- Murray) –  GB Olympic marathon 2012

I just want to say thank you so very much for fixing my injuries I had at the end of last year. I’ve been back running now for a few weeks and everything feels great.  Mark Turner

Tim, A big big thank you for showing me exercises/ treating my groin/hamstring injuries (Jan-April) – no pain nowadays!  Have recently competed in North Tyneside and Sunderland 10k races (52 and 53 minutes) ‘not bad for an old ‘un!’ My very best regards, Steve Flanagan.

BIG thank you for all of your help over the years, you’ve kept me running and helped me to achieve many of my dreams and for that I am truly grateful! All the best for everything you do. X  Alyson Dixon (2:31:08 marathon, GB athletics)

“This past 2012/13 season, I was hindered by an unusual nagging knee injury that could not be easily diagnosed. I was fortunate enough that Tim was one of physiotherapists that I would see on a regular basis. Despite my constant pain and frustration, Tim helped alleviate the pain and figure out an appropriate solution. He always had my best interests at heart and wanted to make sure I recovered quickly and properly. Even when I was frustrated, he was empathetic and listened to me whenever I needed it. When my injury was finally diagnosed by means of a proper analysis through a MRI, he helped me manage it and provide me with the proper knowledge to make sure I recovered correctly so I would be able to play volleyball again and remain physically active.”  Emmy Blouin  Women’s Volleyball Coach at Newcastle University / TeamNorthumbria super8 volleyball team.

After suffering severe back and neck pain for over nine years, I was virtually a recluse as I could not walk or move without excruciating pain.  I had tried many different treatments and medication, including morphine, none of which made any difference and I was at the point of giving up my job when Tim was recommended to me.  I can honestly say that Tim Pigott, my physiotherapist, has literally given me my life back.  His patience and expertise is amazing.  For the first time in years I can go shopping, walking, do housework and still do a full time job.  My friends and family say I am back to me!  The team caters for everyone, not just athletes.  The staff are helpful and friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone suffering from muscle or joint pain.  Carol Smith

I wish to thank you formally for your valuable input and support for our Gifted and Talented PE workshop this term.  Your Sports Injuries workshop held on 26th May was a great success and your session was engaging and delivered with enthusiasm.  This new initiative has been a great success and very well received by the young athletes, their families and coaches.  My thanks and best wishes.  Mrs A.Bowen – Priciple, Roseberry Sports and Community College

2013 was to be my big year! World Age Group Triathlon Champs were coming to Hyde Park September 2013 (the 2012 Olympic course) & I was determined to qualify.

Training plan started October 2012, after a good base from Ironman France June 2012 & all went well right up to Christmas! Saltwell 10k was my first “try out” after changing from heel strike to fore foot running at the end of September & that is where my left Achilles went! Went to see Tim & he set me a rehab plan to work in with my training. I stuck to it & I was ready for the Stokesley duathlon at the end of March! Well impressed, especially after knowing how long some fellow athletes had been living with Achilles issues. It had only taken 3 months because I stuck to the plan!

Everything going smoothly again until the Stockton duathlon on 21st April – 16km of fast running on hard tarmac! My Achilles was fine but immediately after I started to suffer with my left plantar fascia. My first qualifier for the Worlds was 02/06 at Chester & then I had 2 more chances after that, but only 3 weeks in between each event – what should I do? Went to Tim again for treatment & advice for how to manage my injury for the 6 weeks left until Chester. However, I didn’t qualify at Chester (nothing really to do with the foot) so everything hung on The Dambuster in 3 weeks time – I finally qualified, but my foot was much worse by the end of it! I had qualified, but could I compete?


Tim then calmly drew up a 12 week plan leading into London which I again followed. Tim was very optimistic & said together we could get me to the start line fit to race & that is what happened! In that 12 weeks I only did 2 run sessions, the majority of the work done on the bike, aqua jogging or cross trainer. I did a lot of strengthening exercises, taping, icing & stretching. At the World Champs in London I competed in both the aquathlon (5k run) & the Standard Distance Triathlon (10k run) & ran without pain in my foot both times. I did not place as high as I’d hoped as I could not produce the run speed, but I was ecstatic to be able to compete on the world stage & now still move forward positively to next season! My physiotherapist Tim Pigott has been fantastic & very supportive.

Thanks Tim!  Diane Chaney – F4L Triathlon Coaching

“After all the training and hard work the final piece of the Jigsaw is making sure you get to use all the power you have built to get to the run in the best possible shape. To do this Tim’s bike fit was essential and we found many adjustments to my position to optimise my Ironman race performance and make me more comfortable. Tim provided a very professional and detailed service that explained the process and made it client centred and not a one size fits all approach. The technology and insight that Tim offered made it possible for me to ride a bottom end bike to a decent bike split time. It showed me that it is more important to have a good bike fit than have a top notch bike and poor setup. Not only did the fit give me a good setup for my races but it also identified flexibility issues and certain aspects to my training that I can focus on in the future. Finally the fit concluded with a bespoke feedback package that detailed all of the parameters in terms of frame geometry I should consider when next upgrading my bike. This information will be essential in order to consider bikes that will fit me well and get me to the finish line even faster. I would advise everyone who aspires to ride comfortably and fast to consider a bike fit with Tim.”  Joe Horne – Ironman World Championship Kona Qualifier 2013

The Retul process was very insightful. As a cyclist you get a feel for what you are doing and how you pedal but by being able to see this and analyse real data you can then appreciate how small adjustments can impact and improve the efficiency of the pedal stroke. For example one leg was tracking straight up and down, the other looked like i was pedalling around an avocado! Some minor adjustments got this leg tracking better and I now feel more comfortable on the bike. – Andrew Megginson

“I had always been a fit and active person, but over the years I have sustained a number of serious injuries, which include a broken leg and broken neck.  Approximately 15yrs ago I started to suffer with pain and limited mobility in my hips and lower back area, due in part to these injuries.  Over the years, I have visited a number of physiotherapists, sports masseurs and chiropractors and although they helped ease the pain and lack of mobility in the short term, they never looked to identify the root cause.  Tim was recommended to me 2 years ago, and after an initial consultation he recommended an MRI scan.  The MRI scan identified Avascular Neucrosis in both hips.  From this, Tim devised a program to improve flexibility and strength in areas affected.  The improvement has been immeasurable and I now participate in regular exercise including yoga, golf and running.  I have recently completed the Great North Run half marathon which I could not have envisaged completing  2yrs ago.  I am now looking forward to a fit and active future which is all thanks to Tim.”  Ian Rowell

“I’d highly recommend Tim for anyone seeking a good sports physio. My coach recommended him to me when I developed hip pain that kept getting worse and it turned out to be a wise choice. Contrasting with various physios I’d been to in the past (including one that commented on my chakra when I had shin pain), Tim’s approach was different. He has always inspired confidence that he can get to the bottom of the problem and then know what to do from there. What I’ve most appreciated is the care he takes to listen and ask broader questions about what’s been going on. He takes into account the bigger picture and doesn’t dismiss those random throwaway comments, “Oh, and that reminds me, this bit hurts sometimes too”! Importantly he understands the will to train and it’s clear from his patience he knows the impact injury can have on many different levels. For anyone who likes to compete and wants to get going again as quickly as possible with confidence the problem won’t come back, then I’d give Tim a try. Thanks Tim, you’re a star.” Lucy Robinson – middle distance runner

‘Walked in with a bike that was causing me pain and injury; walked out with a bike that wasn’t. Tim is incredibly knowledgeable about how your bike should fit you, and incredibly thorough in getting your position correct. My physiology is a little odd, and has caused me several problems in the past, Tim took this all into account and produced a bike position that fees effortless and pain free. If you have any problems with your position on the bike, I would highly recommend going to Tim for a bike fit.’ Josh Hughes

Phil Wilson “He’s an injury rehab ninja.”

Russell Newlove  “The man that Sport & Exercise doctors turn to for help”

Joe Horne “The oracle of body fixing”


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