Strength and Conditioning, phase 2

The NUMBER ONE principle in exercise physiology 101 is the Overload Principle. Simply stated, this principle tells us that in order to elicit change on our bodies we must OVERLOAD it or go beyond what we normally do.  (Nick Grantham

With that in mind, it’s time to change the S+C program to further develop strength and skill sets in the gym.

Day 1
Semi supinated chins 2020 x8
Incline rotating chest press 2020 x15
Bulgarian split squat 2020 x15
X3-4 90sec rest 
Glute bridge 4141 x10
Deadlift 30x0 x15
Step downs 30x0 x15
X3-4 90sec rest 
Reverse fly 8-10 control
Reverse lunge with overhead DB 2020 x15
Bent over barbell row supinated 2020 x10
Incline bench reverse curl 3020 x20
X3-4 90sec rest 
Day 2
Push press bb 30x0  8-10
Back squat with DB heels raised 20x0 x15
Single arm row 8-10 3010
Gym ball hamstring curl 3010 x15
X3 with 120 rest
Single arm clean and press DB 10 each arm 1010
Power shrug with triple extension x8
X3 120 rest
Dips x8  4020
Seated DB rotator cuff 3010 x12
Ab crunch feet on bench toes inverted x15 3010
X3  90 sec rest



My Pre Season Prep Phase

In preparation for my Iron-man training I’ve been going through a series of reviews, from Strength and Conditioning to nutrition, as well as the usual heart rate testing and time trials to establish my baselines.

During this phase I’m laying the foundations for what is to come, and ensuring that I’m working as a 24hr athlete. Rest and recovery are the key factors to ensure optimum performance come July 3rd 2011. The main areas I need to improve on is the timing of my nutrition, especially protein, and getting enough sleep!


My nutrition review with Claire Harrison of The Performance Clinic ( has identified the following areas to improve on:

Increase fruit in am/breakfast especially berries, rather than fruit in the afternoon.
Increase protein overall:

Ensure protein in am
Red meat x3 per week
Fish x2-3 per week
Eggs in am

Pro-biotic Yoghurt +/- sandwich mid pm
Nuts on non-running days
Multi-vit and vit C daily
Ensure get solid real food in stage 4 (1-2 hrs post workout)
Increase vegetables in stage 5 (main meals)
Reduce tea, and don’t have with food

Trial increased electrolytes in drink at start of ride
Protein mid-later stages of ride
Increase food intake on recovery days

Strength and Conditioning

My Prep Phase S+C program currently consists of:

Warm up with:

Hip activation with bands, side step with squats, X-band walks, crocodile walks, YTWL over a gym ball.

Foam roller tissue mobility work.

Day 1
Chins 3010
Chest Press with twist 3010
3×8 90sec rest

Front elevated Split squat with DB 2010 x15
Stiff leg Dead lift 2010 x10
X3 90sec rest

Bent over barbell row 3010 x8
Petersons set ups with DB x15
X3 90sec rest

Rotator cuff LR x12
Reverse hyper 3010 x10reps
X3 90sec rest

Day 2
Push press with static stabilise 20X0 x10
Hamstring curls on ball 3010 x15
Single arm DB row 3020 x10
X4 90sec rest

Dips 30X0 x10
Squat heels raised 30X0 x12
Trap 3 extension 30X0 x15
X4 90sec rest

Hanging leg raise 30X0 x15
Prone Horizontal abduction 2320 x10
Saxon side bends 2020 x15
Rotator cuff LR 2121 x12
X4 90sec rest

Physio exercises

Continued work on thoracic mobility, hip mobility and facial chain mobility. Soft tissue work around left shoulder girdle. Single leg exercises focussing on right leg 60:40.